Our Mission - Restore Deforested Forests

We all know how important trees are for all living beings on earth. Trees provide us with oxygen to breathe, trees clear pollutants from the air, it keeps the atmosphere cool, and countless benefits. But since the last few decades forests from all around the world are being deforested and a lot of damage has been done already. If not stopped soon or at least reduced the rate of deforestation then there will be devastating consequences like climate change and our upcoming generations will be the one suffering the most.

So, we, at ExploringBlueball, are committed to helping these three verified charities in planting trees in the most affected areas.
How these charities work?
These charities operate by the help of local government, local communities, volunteers, and people like YOU.
Continue to help these charities and give our upcoming generations a future they deserve. We'll be donating 10% of our revenue to these three organizations and keep you updating on any thing new happens!